• Kevin Scrima

The Big List

If you haven't noticed already I am a big fan of lists. I affectionately call this one the "Big List." Why? Because it's a list and it's thought there was more to it than that didn't you?

Take what you need from it. Share it with someone that will benefit from it. Add to it. Use it.

1. When in doubt, give more back

2. Appreciate your clients, co-workers, friends, etc.

3. Always ADD value

4. Set massive goals

5. Be specific with your goals and dreams

6. Dream big

7. Ask “why” often

8. Create good daily habits

9. Genuinely thank 10 people per day

10. Be coachable

11. Practice what you preach

12. Reject fear, greed and doubt

13. Give without the intention of getting

14. Visualize success daily

15. Know what you want

16. Get what you deserve

17. Help others get what they want

18. Fail forward

19. Believe in yourself

20. Lead with passion and purpose

21. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

22. Surround yourself with successful people

23. GSD

24. Outsource the little things

25. Don’t be a spectator - PARTICIPATE

26. Focus on the critical few, not the trivial many

27. Focus on the big levels

28. Stop talking, start doing

29. Laugh a lot

30. Your life is not a trial run, make it count

31. Don’t take yourself too seriously

32. Destroy negative self talk

33. Sleep is non negotiable

34. Expand your comfort zone

35. Don’t limit yourself

36. Be grateful for what you have

37. Action beats anxiety

38. Expect more from yourself

39. Avoid negative people, time vampires, and battery drainers at all cost

40. You deserve better

41. Pay it forward

42. Focus on your goals and make your dreams your goals

43. Be humble

44. No one benefits from your inaction

45. Move DAILY

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